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Family owned and operated since 1981.
CLOSED- We thank you for your years of support and hope you will continue to come to us in Ballard for your Kitchen and Bath needs.
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8055 15th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98117
Manager: Russ Morgan, Jr.
M-F 7am to 6pm / Sat 9am to 5pm
Sun Closed
Seattle (Fremont)
Your local kitchen and bath supply store, Morgans specializes in carrying products for your Seattle area home. We know what you need, and we probably have it in stock. Our staff is trained to deal with the common issues homeowners face when working on even the oldest houses in Seattle. We strive to carry all the highest quality products for every price point, so come see us first for your next project or repair! We would love to help!
Seattle (Ballard)
6/3/2013- "We selected Morgans as our source for remodeling a guest bathroom because of their wide selection, quality products and knowledgeable sales personnel".... "Things happen when you remodel but Morgans will go the extra mile to make it right." read compete review at
8/23/12- .... "You can't buy clay sewer line anymore, and on my trip to HD and Lowes I learned that they don't carry the necessary adapters to replace the broken section with PVC. On my way home I saw Morgans plumbing and stopped in, never having been there before. To my amazement they had all of the adapters required to replace the broken section of old 1907 vintage clay sewer line with PVC.... Morgans is a very valuable resource, and I recommend them." read compete review at
2012- "These guys know there stuff." google review
07/26/2015- "Great little family-run business that has all kinds of general and specialty plumbing fixtures and parts, and they can help special order things as well. They have encyclopedic knowledge of all things plumbing. Every time I've ever walked through the door here, I've been helped right away in a completely friendly and professional way."
04/02/2015- ...."Sure, we could have saved a bit of money buying some of these things online if we'd shopped around, but certainly not enough to outweigh the excellent service and peace of mind we got working with these local guys...." read complete review at
March 2015- "Have gone here on many occasions & have found them to be extremely helpful (& knowledgeable). I would highly recommend them over Home Depot or Lowe's." google review
03/24/2015- "Excellent staff!!...." read complete review at
11/07/2014- "This place rocks! The staff are very down to earth! The store is warm & welcoming! The prices are very reasonable!...." read complete review at
2013- "We had a sink job to work on in our basement. I made the mistake of going to Home Depot first. I got some pieces that didn't fit. They had some mediocre selection. I got some bad advice and confused. I finally went to Morgans. My new friend there MATT got me all straightened out. He got me the exact pieces I needed. I will continue to go to the pros instead of the cheap guys!!" google review
8/21/2013- "I shopped at Morgan's to avoid the big box stores and support a local business, and boy am I glad I did because they really stand behind their products."... read more at