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From light switches and plugs to lamp holders and fixtures, we carry what you need to light-up, power and control everything in your home. Let us help you choose the right product for the job, and give you direction to install it with confidence.

We have access to a variety of materials from the best suppliers to make your remodel one of a kind. Whether you are looking to go modern with quartz or classic with marble our team can help you out.

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Kitchen Cabinets

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We carry in stock everything from fixtures to faucets, pipes to fittings and copper to P.E.X. Come talk to our staff and let them help you find exactly what you need.

As our mission statement says we do our best to source from local Northwest suppliers our cabinets are no different. We work with Bellmont in Sumner or Huggybear in Portland for Kitchen cabinets. For vanities we reach east to Strasser in Woodinville. As well as others who help us offer a wide range of options to you.